Associates engaged in pastoral T.V. parish program

Yoselin Diaz
Words of life and Hope, is the title of the program segment, The Voice of the Catholic Church directed by Yoselin Diaz.
«It is a section designated for the transmission of the Word of God with a different focus adapting the message to the lived reality of the family.
It is an occasion and a special time, since my greatest joy is to share the message of the Word of God to brothers and sisters and that this word can be actualized in our daily life.
It is very gratifying for me when someone says to me: I saw the program and it meant a great deal to me.  Then I know that different persons are disposed to own this message which God sends them.
My work within this television program has taken on a new dimension since I have become an associate of the RHSJ. Now, my commitment has taken on the aspect of the spiritual heritage which our founders Jerome LeRoyer and Marie de la Ferre left us.»

Ramon Encarnacion
«I am a religious education teacher in the San Jose, a father of a family with three sons.  For approximately six years, I direct a catholic television program called The Voice of the Catholic Church, especially the section Esencia Catolica.
For the past four years I have become an RHSJ Associate.  For me, being an associate is an enriching source, since Jerome LeRoyer is a mentor for me.  I am director of the San Antonio home for the Aged, and as an Associate, each day I discover that the richness of the founders help me to fulfill my christian commitment from the perspective of interior freedom.
In my work as director, I see myself inclined to always incarnate the tenderness and compassion towards the most needy. As prophets of their time, Jerome LeRoyer and Marie de la Ferre allowed themselves to be led by God without losing sight of their lived reality.
Personally, I feel called to live the spirituality of our founders and to promote it, beginning with my own life.Today,the experience with Sister Louisette, filled us with enthusiasm and joy, calling us to work together as associate members and to live in unity as a real family.