Meeting of Associates from Laval-Angers, LaFleche ... and Montreal

September 27, 2014 - The two associate groups from Laval-Angers and LaFleche met for their annual meeting at the Cotellerie community near Laval. In spite of two absentees, seventeen Associates were present along with Sister Armande Nicole and Sister Gisele Jaguelin.

Upon arrival, we were happy to welcome Huguette Page-Deschamps and her husband traveling through France. Huguette is the coordinator of the Montreal group of associates. We were delighted to share this day with our “Quebecois” friends and compare group functioning between these two countries. Huguette’s husband took many photos which will be added to those of their trip! 
In the morning, following the presentation of the day by Jeanne Bimier, coordinator of the Laval-Angers group, we shared the Eucharistic celebration with the community of Little Brothers of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer.

At noon, a period for quiet time was proposed to reflect on questions submitted on the agenda for the day. We had the possibility to spend that time outdoors in the silence of this large property, thanks to the magnificent weather.
At 1:00 p.m. the Little Brothers served a succulent meal with fresh vegetables and fruit from their garden.  This was an appropriate time for friendly sharing as well as an opportunity for getting to know one another.

The afternoon program consisted of having Sister Gisele Jaguelin speak to us about the July 2014 General Chapter including a few segments of Father Arnold’s (Father Simon-Pierre Arnold, o.s.b.) expose. Moreover, we heard about the day experienced with the four associate delegates, and the mutual expectations of the RHSJ and Associates.

To conclude this beautiful day, a time of praise led by Solange Delanne accompanied by Jeanne Bimier on the guitar, raised  our grateful hearts to the Lord for this shared experience within our Spiritual Family!