Inauguration of the palliative care centre in Victoriaville

A house for the end of life opened its doors on November 18, 2013 in Victoriaville. Four RHSJ were present at the inauguration as well as the municipal authorities and those responsible for health at the regional and local levels.

This accomplishment from the architectural functional and esthetic point of view is of great quality and drew the admiration of the visitors. The welcome was warm.
The creation of this house is the end of a dream notably of the Albatross Movement of which several RHSJ Associates are members. Albatross was founded in Three Rivers by an Ursuline, Sr. Pearl Berg. This organization of accompaniment of persons at the end of life, in the home of the patients, came to Victoriaville in 1993. Sister Claire Perreault RHSJ participated in implementing this service at the hospital.

Four years of intense work by the Association was assisted by the community development corporation of Bois Franc, the health centre and social services (CSSS). This work in partnership developed and presented a well-documented file to the Health Ministry which granted an indispensable financial support.

With the determination of the movers of the project their concern for ethics, the availability of people committed to this mission, the Congregation wished to participate in making a substantial donation for the purchase of the house.

But why the name Marie Pagé? Sister Marie Pagé, RHSJ who entered in Montreal in 1834 founded the Hotel Dieu of Arthabaska in 1884. She was remarkable for her zeal and charity for the sick. (cf. Femmes de foi et service). This choice was it not for our Hospitallers, a mark of recognition for our predecessors and also a way of transmitting our charism?

When Father André Genest blessed the house, we gave thanks for this warm house which is going to be put to the service of people at the end of their life and for their families with quality care which is full of love.
I end these lines by the chorus of the song Albatross by Robert Lebel:

« Albatros, mon oiseau de lumière, Albatros, écoute ma prière, Albatros, je m’accroche à tes ailes, Laisse-moi m’envoler avec toi au Coeur de l’amour. »
(Albatross, my bird of light, Albatross listen to my prayer. Albatross, I cling to your wings. Let me fly with you to the heart of love.)