You have been called to freedom. (Galatians 5,13)

Nature of formation
■  Formation is a life-long process which involves the development of all aspects of the person. Basic formation in religious life allows the candidate to understand, appreciate and confirm the call received from God. This enables her to make her permanent commitment. (Constitutions 2009)

■  Continuing formation helps each Sister to live her consecration more totally as a Religious Hospitaller of Saint Joseph committed to the service of God within the Church. (Constitutions 2009)

John Paul II affirmed:
The fruitfulness of religious life depends on the quality of community life. Moreover, the current renewal is characterized by a search for God in communion and in community. To that end, religious life will be all the more meaningful when it will succeed in building communities in which we seek God and love God above all things.

To pursue further,
♦ What means do I take to recognize God’s call in my daily life?
♦ Is my prayer an invitation for those God calls to serve as RHSJ?
♦ Does my daily living awaken me to the freedom of the children of God?

If you hear a call, contact:
Sister Marie-Claire Bourbonnais, rhsj

In the Dominican Republic, two young women follow in Christ’s footsteps.

Junie from Dominican Republic (on the right) has been sharing the life of the community in Ocoa for more than a year. She discovered Jesus who called her to follow Him and little by little, became inspired by the charism of the Congregation, the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph.

Elisabeht, on the left is a postulant:
At WYD (World Youth Day - Rio de Janeiro, july 2013) we form a large family walking together with God journeying with us. This was a factor which had a great impact on me, this unity, this communion, this universality of the Church incarnated in what I had experienced at WYD.
This, along with the words of Pope Francis, enabled me to proceed in my choice for Jesus, strenghthen my response and continue to go forward on this road upon which I am called  through the intermediary of this Congregation, the RHSJ.  I commit myself to Christ who leads me, who calls me. This is what motivated me on August 22nd  to begin my postulancy with a simple and meaningful  community celebration in the presence of my family.
Sister Ruth gave me a lit candle representing a generational passage, on this day when she celebrated her 51 years of religious life and I, just beginning this journey. I embark upon the boat to cast my net into the sea. “The Lord is with us and we are joyful.”