Associates are invited to organize in Regions

The idea has been on its way for many years now. Is it not necessary to think about the future and see how the groups of lay persons associated with the RHSJs, could function as Regions, without cutting the link with the RHSJs, meaning a general coordinator is still necessary.

This project began in 2015. The Anglophone Region was first in September 2015. The New-Brunswick Region followed in November 2015 and then the Quebec Region in May 2016.

The Dominican Republic is about to make the move. The reflection is launched for Peru and France and we should see results for all groups by 2017.

Why Regions?

The ARHSJ are now 20 groups including around 300 persons situated in Canada, United-States, France, Peru and Dominican Republic. A RHSJ, member of the General Council, is Coordinator for all the groups and another RHSJ, on the local level, is a liaison, in other words, she is concerned with keeping the link with the RHSJ communities. Each group has a lay leader or a team of lay leaders.

With the demographic evolution of the Congregation, it was important to delegate more responsibilities to the Regions, while continuing to work together for the growth of the leadership and the transmission of our charism and mission. It’s in this sense that Regional Coordinators and Assistants, group leaders and liaisons gathered for a session in Sherbrooke last August, to reflect together on our leadership responsibility through our different roles, but always referring to the same spiritual family.

On November 23, 2016, the Regional Coordinators and Assistants met again to strengthen their links and their goals on this new path, on which we feel called to grow together.

Names of the Regional teams

Anglophone Region (Ontario and USA groups)
- Coordinator: Patricia Brennan
- Assistant: Pat Vincelli

New-Brunswick Region
- Coordinator: Pauline Banville-Pérusse
- Assistant: Alan Muzzerall

Quebec Region
- Coordinator: Huguette Pagé-Deschamps
- Assistant: Gaston Provencher

Let us stay united on the path of growth and continue to tell the world about a God who unites and frees.

Sister Louisette Lelièvre, r.h.s.j.
General Coordinator